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Anna Matelska law firm has many years experience in representing clients in courts and tribunals across Europe.

The firm works closely with many well-known solicitors specialising in various disciplines, which guarantees a comprehensive, professional and reliable service.

Do you know that...

  • It is important to us that our clients are in constant and direct touch with a Polish speaking lawyer at every stage of their case.
  • Our solicitors across the United Kingdom are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), which ensures a high standard of service, which complies with the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Client’s common problems

Who I am?

1Separation and children

I would like to leave my partner and take our children abroad. Can I do this without court permission?

How can I ensure that I can receive child support from my partner if he has left the country?

2Division of assets

How to split the assets during or after divorce proceedings (property, savings, premium bonds etc.)? By agreement or a court order?

Can I get anything if we were partners?

3Arrest and extradition

I left Poland a few years ago having received a suspended sentence. I have now found out that the sentencing order was filed without my knowledge.

I was arrested under the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). Currently I lead a stable life, have a family, two children, a career and own a property.

Can I get assistance in reaching an agreement with a prosecutor or court in the country that issued the European Arrest Warrant and revoke it in the country of arrest? Limitations, joint sentence, suspended sentence, interview in the embassy – is there anything else be done in such case?

Can persons wanted by EAW be also deported to Poland? Will I be banned from entering the UK after serving a sentence?

Sometimes it's worth asking a question: should I sort out my complicated life, or wait until someone else does it for me? Getting professional help will allow you to compromise an EAW before the end of the extradition process in the country were the wanted person resides.

4Breach of contract

My supplier refused to deliver goods despite payment being made. Can I get help if they are in breach of the Terms and Conditions of our agreement?

Consequences of breaching contracts: does it mean the contract is no longer valid?

5Debt recovery

The person owing you money does not want to return it without a written agreement/contract?

I won a court case against a person that owes me money. Before a payment due date this person left the country. Can you help me retrieving the money?

I run a business in the United Kingdom I wish to employ qualified employees from Russia and the United States. Is this possible?
7Employing a foreigner

I started a business in the United Kingdom and wish to bring my family over from Russia. How do I do this?

Rules, documents, payments, work permission, etc…

8Rules, documents, payments, work permission, etc…

My employee was on his way to the UK and UKBA kept our vehicle and goods. The vehicle is being leased. Can I still pay a custom duty tax and how do I retrieve the goods? Will I retrieve everything? How long will this take to do?

An Appeal is long lasting process and the chances of getting the goods and vehicle back depends on the case....

Anna Matelska

Solicitor – Advocate

What makes us different?
punktor-koło Effectiveness
punktor-koło High quality
punktor-koło Professionalism
punktor-koło Competitive fees
punktor-koło Reliability and timeliness in finalising services

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Our clients' satisfaction is our utmost priority and we value their feedback and opinion.
  • Z całego serca dziękuje Pani Mec Annie Matelskiej za pomoc i opiekę prawną w mojej trudnej sprawie. Pani Anna jako mój obrońca z urzędu przed Sadem Koronnym w Londynie, pomogła mi uniknąć surowej kary minimum 4 lat wiezienia, jaka jest przewidziana w podobnej sytuacji, w która zostałam wplatana. Dzieki pani Annie jestem wolna. Jestem gotowa polecić opiekę adwokacka pani Anny Matelskiej każdemu kto potrzebuje dobrego adwokata do reprezentacji w Angielskim Sadzie.
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