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Anna Matelska’s boutique international law firm operates in key areas of corporate and personal law. That way, you can overcome every legal challenge with the right representation.

From our headquarters in Warsaw, we run a niche international law firm that helps clients deal with local and cross-border lawsuits. We have affiliations within the UK that allow us to assist clients (especially Poles residing in the UK) in surviving the uncertain legal status and regulations concerning the ‘Brexit deal no deal’ situation. We use our strategic location and connections to optimise operations and minimise setbacks faced during the ever-evolving multi-judiciary systems.

Our seasoned international lawyers integrate past experiences with current legal systems to accommodate your specific requirements. With this diverse outlook, we can manage corporate cases more efficiently. We are equally proficient in handling family law matters and legislations concerning business and private immigration. Additionally, we address complications that occur during extradition, criminal charges, and cross-border family disputes.

Integrated Legal Solutions and Client-Strategic Strategies

Specialising in niche areas of law provides us with an unparalleled edge over others. We are not afraid of undertaking challenging cases and devising alternative routes to safeguard our clients’ rights.

Whether it is rethinking strategies, identifying loopholes, or investigating detailed business legislations, we are ready to serve you. Our research-oriented methodology is part of the reason why we manage to win cases based on the slightest technicality. Also, our successful track record and accreditation signifies our expertise in as attorney-at-law.

What’s More?

We know that being top-tier international law firms are not only competent in legal matters, but they are compassionate too. It is why we like cultivating stronger relationships with clients by understanding their perspective and offer legal advice whenever possible.

Our team also speaks Polish, Romanian, Russian, and English fluently. These language skills make us the ideal lawyer for foreigners who experience distress during testing times. Breaking language barriers helps us open lines of communication which are often impossible on an international platform. It allows us to build a good rapport as we interpret verbal and non-verbal cues that often get lost in translation.

Additionally, our international lawyers treat every case with extreme care and discretion. You can trust this team to go the extra mile whenever required. We do this to increase your chances of receiving the desired outcome at the end of the case.

With our assistance, you can manage corporate settlements, negotiate high-profile clients and protect clients from wrongful allegations.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Do you need legal consultation during the pandemic? We come through with our online legal services and 24h hotline.

Contact our international law firm to set up a Zoom/Skype meeting. You can also get in touch with our international lawyers via a quick chat or phone call. We are willing to address all legal concerns (i.e. commercial, corporate, civil, and private sectors) and provide emergency services if required.

Feedback & Testimonials

Our international law firm has connected with hundreds of clients and changes many lives for the better. Listen to their stories to understand how we can assist people like you through our exceptional work.
  • Z całego serca dziękuje Pani Mec Annie Matelskiej za pomoc i opiekę prawną w mojej trudnej sprawie. Pani Anna jako mój obrońca z urzędu przed Sadem Koronnym w Londynie, pomogła mi uniknąć surowej kary minimum 4 lat wiezienia, jaka jest przewidziana w podobnej sytuacji, w która zostałam wplatana. Dzieki pani Annie jestem wolna. Jestem gotowa polecić opiekę adwokacka pani Anny Matelskiej każdemu kto potrzebuje dobrego adwokata do reprezentacji w Angielskim Sadzie.
    Danuta J.

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