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The law firm of Anna Matelska was established for the purpose of assisting Polish people living in Poland and the United Kingdom. We also represent nationals of other countries who are seeking help with legal issues with an international dimension.

We currently represent clients not only in Warsaw and London, but throughout Europe.

Anna Matelska has dealt with many of the leading cases under English law with those decisions providing guidance and authority to lawyers and judges involved in cases of a similar legal nature.

Our principal, Anna Matelska is fully qualified as a lawyer, both in Poland and Britain (Solicitor - Advocate). After gaining her master's degree in law at one of the top universities in Poland, undertaking further studies in the United States and obtaining a diploma in law at a leading School of Law in London, she has gained many years of experience working both in Britain and Poland.

In 1998 she started an apprenticeship in the criminal department at a district court in Poland. In later years she worked for other Polish government agencies. Among her duties she was part of the team responsible for preparing Poland for accession to the EU, and dealt with matters involving amending Polish law to conform with the requirements of the EU, and international relations.

She has extensive practical experience in the field of English Law. Since 2008 she has worked at leading law firms in London. Currently, as an independent solicitor, she represents clients during questioning at police stations, at all levels of courts and tribunals, as well as at interviews before the consul. She deals with high profile, and often widely known cases of an international nature.

Anna Matelska is on the list of attorneys used at the Polish Embassy in London. She has a successful practice in dealing with non-governmental organisations, other law firms in Poland, UK, Europe and the USA.

She was admitted both, as a Solicitor – Advocate to the roll of qualified solicitors in England and Wales regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), and also is a practicing member and Foreign Lawyer of the Warsaw Bar Council (ORA).

What we do?

Our Law Firm in Warsaw undertakes the following matters from across Poland:

  • Civil with a foreign element
  • Family, divorce and division of assets, both in Poland and abroad
  • The Hague (Abduction) Convention – involving the return of children who have been abducted by a parent from one member country to another
  • Inheritance matters with international elements with parties involved living abroad
  • Immigration and cross-border matters
  • Extradition proceedings
  • Other legal matters, including but not limited to cases of economic and criminal nature, in cross-border proceedings between Poland and England

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