23 November 2016

The shaky future of the European Arrest Warrant in Britain! “Brexit” and extraditions. Will something change?

The changes taking place in British law will not affect the immigrants who are currently living in the UK. Such information was published on the UK […]
5 April 2016

Would leaving the EU affect your immigration status and future in the UK?

Immigration is the top question in the debate about the UK’s relationship with Europe and the approaching membership referendum, which could change the future for millions […]
5 March 2016

How to obtain British Nationality? – Every year 12.000 Poles receive British Nationality!

At the end of last year, the new legislation came into force which states that before trying to obtain British Nationality, we must have leave to […]
28 February 2016

Law of Succession. Change in the rules of succession in Poland from October 2015

Changes to the rules of inheritance are being served to protect heirs who inherit with a high debt load. Moreover, at the moment the heirs will […]

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