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Hire experience business defence lawyers to get the right representation for criminal investigations, security breaches, and compliance issues.

Corporate Crime & Investigation Lawyers

Get complete legal support for internal and external corporate crime investigations.

Anna Matelska’s Law Firm is a boutique international law firm that tackles corporate law cases within Poland, the UK, and beyond. We provide multinational corporations and local businesses with necessary legal representation during complex situations.

Our specialised services include investigations conducted by law enforcement organisations, money laundering cases, tax evasions, and corporate fraud, etc.

Our seasoned team is well-versed in both corporate crime law and several aspects of commercial law. Due to this, we acquire a unique insight into your cases. It also allows our lawyers to thoroughly analyse corporate framework and current proceedings to come up with practical solutions. With years of experience our side, we expertly handle time-sensitive and high-profile cases. We also mitigate risks, preserve finances, and prevent potential corporate scandals when we represent you.

Apart from that, we provide representation for cross-border and multi-disciplinary cases. Our versatile approach is valued by clients that operate multinational organisations around the world (specifically in the UK and EU).

We also abide by all confidentiality rules and regulations to preserve your trade secrets and security details when we work for you. These nuances are the reason why clients list us amongst the best business defence lawyers in Poland.

A Closer Look—Why Do You Need a Business Defence Lawyer?

Many times, corporate crime investigations (both internal and external), cast a dark shadow on the company reputation. The public scrutiny and investigative nature of these cases inevitably influence social response and drop market value. That is why, it is essential to acquire legal before the situation escalates (i.e. boycotts, bans, and financial problems).

Early intervention could mitigate risks and liabilities you may face down the line. It also improves your chances of getting a fair settlement during negotiations. Additionally, we provide legal consultations and teach you how to answer interrogative questions asked by regulatory authorities.

As a result, we enable you to walk away from these situations without any long-term consequences.

Our corporate defence services include:

  • We provide full-representation in business crime cases (both in front of the judge and out-of-court settings).
  • Our lawyers cover multijurisdictional and multi-disciplinary corporate cases.
  • We resolve irregularities and non-compliant issues concerning your daily operations and overseas projects.
  • We offer consultation during internal investigations to detect possible criminal activities conducted under our clients’ name.
  • Our team collaborates with other specialists to collect necessary evidence and supporting material for defence cases.
  • We handle a wide variety of criminal cases, including money laundering allegations, tax evasions, corporate fraud, and more.
  • The team also has experience in dealing with advanced legal proceedings that cover issues related to cybersecurity, cybercrimes and cryptocurrency (i.e. AMLD 5).

More importantly, our personalised corporate defence services adapted to meet your specific requirements. That way, we manage to create alternative plans and arguments to safeguard your rights and your business.

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