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Whether you are setting up a business in Poland or recruiting foreign immigrants for your company, your need business immigration lawyers to assist you before and after the application process.

Business Immigration Lawyers

Business immigration in Poland becomes easier when you consult with lawyers who give sound legal advice.

In the past decade or so, Poland welcomed many business immigrants on its shores. Their arrival has compelled the Polish law to introduce significant provisions for the immigration law. Most of this, allows employers to legalize their stay by applying for work permits and arranging essential employee contracts. Similarly, we have witnessed an influx of global businesses, entrepreneurs, and fresh graduates immigrating to other countries (such as the UK).

With the continuous change in the immigration laws, it has become necessary to hire Polish business immigration lawyers to succeed. Luckily, we provide comprehensive business immigration services that work in both scenarios. Being a boutique international law firm enables us to build connections that can optimise your immigration process. We also take great pride in having the expertise and experience required to undertake this challenging role.

How Can We Help?

Our competent team can guide you throughout the process. We can draft relevant immigration documents (i.e. applications, certificates, and contracts) required to get the court’s approval. We also ensure that your current employment policies and business strategies are legally compliant. These small changes ensure that your foreign employees can legalize their stay without any objection from the Polish government. Best of all, our business immigration services are designed to assist everyone from entrepreneurs, investors, corporate teams, to any family members who might accompany them. Likewise, clients who plan to establish an international branch in the UK or overseas will have the legal representation they need to align their policies according to other country’s legal systems.

We manage to perform turnkey services by evaluating international corporate laws and adapting your immigration plan accordingly.

Business Immigration Services

Our comprehensive legal services address every possible aspect of Polish immigration law.

With us, you will have access to a team of highly qualified and experienced business immigration lawyers. Our association with UK representatives make immigration to Great Britain a likely possibility for interested clients. We collaborate with them to manage relocations, transfers, and cross-border consultancy, depending on your current requirements. They also help us modify contracts based on the dual-legal system.

Our services are also beneficial for Polish companies interested in building a more diverse team in the coming years.

Our business immigration lawyers can:

  • Prepare and file applications for temporary/permanent work permits, entry visas, and entry clearance for foreign employees.
  • Offer immigration consultancy for employees seeking Polish citizenship and residency permits.
  • Provide legal representation during complicated cases that might involve government agencies.
  • Help clients understand the legal implications and regulations concerning immigration policies. It includes the EU blue card, Labor Market Test, and sponsorship certificates.
  • Guide companies who want to develop compliant recruitment plans for out-of-state applicants.
  • Create a Brexit contingency plan for Poles who plan to work in the UK or want to maintain their residency after 1st Jan 2021.

Besides this, we provide corporate-focused business immigration services that feature:

  • Ensuring that your foreign employees have valid visas.
  • Listing legal implications of hiring and firing foreign employees on unethical grounds.
  • Providing legal advice on employee visa applications and their validity
  • Settling arguments and challenges concerning applications that were suspended or dismissed.
  • Mitigating potential threats associated with cross border mergers and acquisition

Overall, these facilities ensure that your business operations are not disrupted due to complications with immigration laws.

Are you interested in hiring a business immigration lawyer?

Our team is well-versed in both Polish and international corporate law. We can also create customised immigration plans to meet the requirements of your location and judiciary system.

Get in touch with our experienced business immigration lawyers for further information.


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