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Did you know? Early intervention can increase your chance of recovering seized assets. Hire us to trace and recover assets wrongfully seized under the confiscation proceeding.
We can also provide you with legal representation required during international asset recovery cases.

Confiscation Proceedings & Asset Recovery

In Poland, the government has the right to trace and seize assets and finances associated with criminal activities (i.e. fraud, money laundering, robbery, etc.) Once the criminals are identified, the court confiscates all financial assets acquired through their alleged crime. Recovered assets include everything from money, investments, real estate properties, and overseas accounts.

As of 10th January 2020, the EU modified their anti-money laundering procedure (5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive or AMLD5) extends the authorities’ right to seize assets. It fills the gaps in the previous directive by including money laundering acts committed via online financial systems (i.e. cryptocurrency). That means defaulters can’t avoid the verdict by converting assets into virtual money.

What Happens after the Confiscation Order?

The main motives of confiscation proceedings are to prevent convicts from continuing their illegal activities. It is why all individual and joint accounts are seized during legal proceedings. Polish law legalises the reinstallation and return of assets to the place of origin if the alleged criminal is found guilty.

That means the assets are returned to victims of the crime. If the victim is unidentified or the assets cannot be returned, they are used as resources to assist the government’s fight against crime.

Individuals charged with this order have to hand over the assets within a given timeframe. Defaulters could be penalised for obstructing legal proceedings. Their punishment could include extended prison sentences or financial penalties in the form of interest.

Therefore, hiring a lawyer is the right course of action in such scenarios. Our timely response and strategic thinking could minimise financial risks. We could also find ways to deter or challenge the restraining order filed against you. We are also capable of handling conventional and latest confiscation and asset recovery proceedings (including the AMLD5).

What Do We Do?

We provide you with effective and immediate solutions to tackle confiscation charges.

Our boutique law firm is well-versed in multi-jurisdictional cases regarding confiscation and asset recovery cases. We use our expertise in criminal law and civil law to discover loopholes and find alternatives for retrieving your confiscated assets. We do this by using our critical analysis and superior investigation competencies to trace evidence that negates the court’s verdict.

We can provide you with a wide variety of legal options that apply to your situation.

Our key confiscation and asset recovery services include:

  • Civil Receiverships under the Polish Law and AMLD5
  • Pre-charge and several variations of Restraint Orders
  • The release of third-party assets and business accounts from Restraint Orders
  • Assessment of your personal and corporate financial records to identify foul play
Additionally, our affiliation with international lawyers makes it possible for us to represent you in cross-border cases. These include international asset recovery services regarding offshore accounts, real estate properties and all legal proceedings that occur overseas.

Do you want to recover your seized assets?

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