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Criminal law is a complex part of the Polish legal system. Hire our criminal defence lawyers to expertly navigate through preliminary and other legal proceedings.
We also offer these services to Poles living in the UK, it ensures that they have a Polish speaking lawyer by their side.

Qualified Criminal Defence Lawyers

Who We Are

Getting caught in a legal battle can be overwhelming, more so if it is associated with criminal activity. We recommend hiring a seasoned criminal defence lawyer as soon as you receive the court order. Whether it’s a police arrest, white-collar crimes or serious criminal charges, we are willing to support you. Our professional consultants can minimise many risks and reach desired outcomes.

Apart from providing criminal defence services to high profile clients and corporates, we offer legal aid too. Our legal aid contract binds us to assist individuals during all criminal investigations (and charges) free of cost. The only condition is that they must be entitled to legal aid services as authorised by the EU (depending on the legal system). Their maximum income and financial situation determine the eligibility. That way, the most deserving alleged criminal receives the best defence possible.

That said, we strive to work diligently on all accounts.

Our boutique team of international criminal defence lawyers are well-versed in all possible legal rules regarding the UK and Poland. They are also aware of the legal implications of working during the Brexit transition period—these factors allow us to provide you with a wide variety of legal services in all matters. We cover everything from minor driving offences, VAT offences, money laundering and serious crimes (i.e. sex offences, drug abuse, and manslaughter).

Why Us?

The most significant benefit of hiring international criminal defence lawyers is receiving legal representation across different jurisdictions. We also handle corporate and criminal defence law cases to prevent further disgrace for the company’s reputation. Our team provides reputation management services whenever required.

With years of expertise, our criminal defence lawyers have managed to be part of many high-profile cases and diplomatic negotiations. We approach each situation strategically by ensuring that your financial and personal assets are protected during the ongoing litigation.

Besides experience, you can also connect with our lawyers better because they speak your language. We will ensure that you know your rights and understand the charges that resulted in an arrest. Removing barriers will allow you to make more informed decision during the legal proceedings and prevent missteps.

Criminal Defence Services

What We Do
We offer turnkey criminal defence services and solutions:
Police Station Advice

Early intervention can set the stage for future conquests in the court. It is why we offer professional consultation in the initial stages of your case. That means you are a lawyer is available as soon as you are taken into custody.

In the police station, we will serve as your legal representation when you are interrogated. Our presence ensures that investigating officers manage the case without bias. We also minimise the risk of falsified confessions that could help them frame you for an alleged crime.

If you ever need emergency assistance, our 24 hr hotline is always open. You can call our offices to schedule an immediate meeting when you (or someone you know) is arrested.

Driving Offences

If you care about permanent records, then motorway accidents are a few of the most common offences mentioned in it. It is why we extend our legal services to address driving offences too.

It includes everything from speeding tickets, traffic law misdemeanours, driving under the influence to motorway accidents.

Serious Crime

Serious Crime covers a broad range of criminal activities that range from drug offences, sexual offences, to manslaughter (or homicide).

Our boutique international law firm offers personalised criminal defence services in Poland, and those filed under multiple judicial systems. We handle these legal matters discreetly and diligently to mitigate all potential risks.

Besides defending you in court, our team will go through the investigation to find proof that you are not guilty.

White Collar Crime

White-collar crime refers to financial crimes that have no ulterior motives except financial gain. These crimes are generally nonviolent such as debt defaulters, tax evasion, fraud, and money laundering. Violation of the contract is to avoid debts, and financial constraints is an associated factor.

Fraud & VAT Offences

Our criminal defence services cover fraud and VAT offence cases that go beyond criminal law. We assist individuals who are accused of committing tax-based crimes such as defaulters, presenting falsified information, etc. You may seek our help for legal consultation and negotiation, depending on the situation. We can also help you find loopholes and miscalculations within the filed documents to challenge the evidence the prosecution has against you.

Additionally, we have collaborated with European Enforcement Agencies (i.e. Europol) on multiple occasions.

Money Laundering

Our expertise includes all conventional and advanced anti-money laundering directives (i.e. AMLD5). Despite their complicated rules and regulations, we have extensive experience in this area. We also tackle associated confiscation and asset recovery proceedings whenever required.

What’s more? Our diverse skill set and affiliation with international lawyers enables us to handle cross border money laundering cases too. Throughout the process, we ensure that you do not go through any financial crisis. We also find ways to challenge court verdicts to avoid long-term imprisonment.

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