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Our Polish family lawyers provide holistic family law services that cover everything from pre-nuptial contracts, separation, international adoption to financial disputes, and child custody cases.

Personalised Family Law Services in Poland

At Anna Matelska Law Firm, we believe that every family has a distinct story to tell and a different narrative to share in family law matters. It is why our boutique international law firm provides specialised family law services.

Our lawyers guide you through this legal process after careful assessment and customised planning. That way, we manage to reach the desired results without causing undue distress and discomfort.

What’s more?

We are qualified in dealing with all branches of family law within the Polish and English jurisdiction. Our lawyers are also capable of handling international rules and regulations that deal with family-oriented lawsuits. These include international divorce settlements, adoption, and child abduction cases. We can also handle high-stake cases that revolve around inheritance and assets that cost millions.

You can trust us to approach each situation discreetly and logically. Our dedication and support help mitigate any financial risks that one might associate with family law services. Any financial and social risks that one might associate with family law services.

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Family Law Services

Our international boutique law firm addresses a vast range of family law services and sub-services. It is to ensure that you have access to a holistic legal plan that supports you and your family during this stressful situation. It also limits the need to hire different family lawyers to tackle specific aspects of your family matters.

Unmarried Couples Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements /Postnuptial Agreements

At present, the Pursuant to Polish FGC Article 47, legalises contracts signed before or during the marriage concerning ownership of properties and assets. It allows couples to decide how they plan to share their collective and individual assets during their lawful partnership.

A section of this contract highlights rules regarding the distribution of specific assets in case of separation/divorce.

They also mention financial compensation in cases where there is a contract breach or in another circumstance.

How Can We Help?

Our experienced family lawyers know how to draft detailed agreements that cover everything valuable asset in the couples’ possession. We can also draft personalised contracts that only feature specific assets and rules.

Such agreements are perfect for couples who have significant wealth or if they wish to protect their inheritance. It also minimises legal responsibilities that might reduce the wealth due to your significant other’s debts and financial issues in the future. You can consider it as a safety rule that controls the distribution of assets set aside for your children. It is particularly true for blended families and couples who have received a substantial amount of wealth from a previous marriage.

Overall, pre and postnuptial agreements are an official declaration of your financial partnership and responsibilities. It also protects your rights in case anything goes astray.

Martial Conflicts & Resolution: Divorce & Separation

The Polish law grants divorce petitions if there is evidence that the couple mutually agrees to nullify their marital status. Their application is only approved if the relationship is proved as irreparable due to unwarranted behaviour. It could include infidelity, bigamy, abandonment (for a designated period), etc.

If there are minor children involved, custodial rights and their welfare act as a variable that can influence the final verdict. Other legal factors include the couples’ dual nationality or ties with another company. The possession of offshore accounts and properties can further complicate the situation.

Luckily, our divorce lawyers have experience in all these situations. You can count on them to provide practical and reasonable advice during the divorce proceedings. They also have the expertise and certification required to assist in cases that deal with multiple legal systems.

In these instances, they can help you:

  • Understand the dissimilarities in family law services and rules in both countries
  • Negotiate childcare arrangement according to the Polish law, English law, and any other international legal system relevant to the family.
  • Consider the pros and cons of filing a divorce petition in Poland by comparing it with privileges granted by the other country.
  • Handling legal and tax implications associated with transferring financial assets from offshore accounts.

In short, our divorce lawyers offer comprehensive family law services for international and local cases. It enables them to address the challenges and technicalities you might face during international divorce cases.

Financial Issues

Financial disputes are not unheard of during divorce and separation. Oftentimes divorce lawyers handle this situation separately after evaluating financial resources in Poland and investments made elsewhere. They do this to ensure that their client receives a fair settlement.

In situations like these, the final verdict depends on several factors. These include savings, monthly revenues, pensions, and investments. They also cover other financial obligations (e.g. provisions provided someone’s previous partner/children from another marriage). Prenuptial and postnuptial arrangements are also taken into consideration.

Childcare Arrangements: Adoption, Custody & Abduction

We also provide family law services that deal with childcare arrangements and other legal matters. These sub-services cover adoption and child abduction.

Here is a closer look at what we offer:

Adoption/International Adoption

We provide legal assistance to families who plan to start a new chapter in life via adoption. Our services include both Polish adoption and international adoption. That way, Poles residing outside the country have no trouble in acquiring parental rights when they return or need to settle childcare arrangements post-divorce.

At all times, we prioritise your adoptive child’s needs and requirements over everything else. More so, if the child is a minor and has no other blood relation present to support them in case of any complications. We also make sure that all our contracts abide by the Polish law (and any other legal system when we handle international adoptions).

Here are a few things you need to consider when you apply for adoption:

  • You must have legal consent from living parents (or guardians)
  • Families should be capable of supporting their adoptive child’s financial and emotional needs when they decide to adopt.
  • Contracts must comply with all legal implications regarding foreign policies related to international adoption whenever required.
  • We promise to cover all the bases and provide utmost support during this process.

Children Custody and Contact Disputes

Our family lawyers also resolve child custody problems and any contract dispute during separation and divorce. It includes joint custody, visitation rules, and childcare funds.

This service extended to grandparents, guardians, and stepparents who want to apply for visitation rights.

In many cases, clients prefer out-of-court settlements to arrange visitation and financial support rules to suit them. We can offer services in those situations as well as proper representation during court hearings.

Besides initial settlements, we also address situations where a prohibition order or special court order is necessary. It generally happens when one of the parents has either violated previous arrangements or wants more custodial rights (i.e. more visitation, choosing the child’s schooling, etc.) We also manage cases where both parents live in separate countries.

What’s more?

Due to the sensitive nature of these cases, we strive to implement swift and simplified solutions. Our primary goal is to ensure that the child (or children) can settle into the new arrangement with minimum distress.

International Child Abduction

Poland is one of the many European states that agree with rules under The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. This international agreement discourages and punishes parents that participate in international parental child abduction. It offers the custodial parent with the rights to seek legal assistance required to bring back the child to their native country (or one where the parent is residing in).

Our team is well-versed in all rules and regulations that come under this convention. We also know how to tackle complicated cases where a parent has fled the country without contesting for custodial rights.

Our extensive network allows us to locate the child and then work with embassies and foreign officials to ensure that the child’s safe return. After that, parents are allowed to modify previous arrangements and apply for a prohibition order as a precautionary measure.

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