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Whether you plan to visit, work, or apply for citizenship in Poland, we can help. Our international immigration lawyers can also help you travel to the UK and beyond in a post-Brexit world.

Qualified Immigration Lawyers in Poland

We are a boutique international law firm that specialises in a full range of immigration services. Our area of expertise lies in visa registrations, residential permits, Pole Card, and Pole citizenship. You can seek our assistance to understand and decipher the complicated parameters of the Polish immigration system.

Our seasoned immigration lawyers will provide you with simple and straightforward instructions regarding all legal matters. We also extend our services to address criminal defence cases, red notices, and extradition notices passed during your visit to Poland. Plus, with our corporate legal assistance, you can set up a legally secure and prosperous business within the country.

Choose us to receive customised immigration solutions.

Immigration Services

Every immigration pathway is different from the other. We provide personalised immigration law services to ensure to optimise the process.

Here are the main areas of our service:


All non-EU travellers are required to apply for a visa if they are visiting Poland for under 90 days. The immigration policy legislation sanctions various visas depending on your situation. There are four main visa categories ranging from airport transit that applies to travellers boarding a connecting flight in Poland to visas required for 90 day stays (or longer). Applicants must provide a legitimate reason to visit along with proper documentation. We overlook and assist you through immigration challenges you may face during this time. Our immigration law services are applicable for anyone who requires legal assistance to understand the complex Polish immigration system. We can also help you to extend your visa if needed.


Non-EU immigrants might find it challenging to tackle the rigid Polish legislation system regarding the provision of residential permits. Our seasoned immigration lawyers use their expertise and connections to streamline the process.

At present, you can only obtain a residence permit in Poland for education, employment or entrepreneurship.

Pole Card

In 2007, the Polish government introduced a new charter the Pole Card (Karta Polaka) according to the Act on Pole Card. The rule became applicable a year later. It is an excellent choice for individuals who might not receive dual-citizenship from the country they came from despite having links with the Polish community.

It granted specific rights to a foreigner staying in the country based on their affiliation to the Polish nation. In spite of their non-citizenship status, the cardholder does not require a foreign work permanent to get employed or operate a business in Poland. They also have access to other facilities like healthcare, education, and discounted fee for public transport, etc.

The applicant must provide evidence to prove their Polish origins to qualify for these privileges. There are several variables linked with this, including fluency, Polish parents/grandparents or Polish citizens, etc.

As your legal representative, we will ensure that you have the right documents required to qualify for a Pole card. We also represent you in front of the consul or consular district when they make the administrative decision to accept your application. We also help you renew your card once it becomes invalid (typically a decade after it was first sanctioned).

Polish Citizenship

Applying for Polish citizenship is a multi-layered process where your eligibility is defined according to Polish Citizenship Act (2009). The conditions required for qualification revolve around your work status, housing facility, nationality, criminal record, and other variables. Your applications are approved via legal proceedings that are administered according to the Administrative Code.

Our international lawyers will ensure that your applications pass the approval stage in record time. We also challenge the court’s decision in case it is declined.

Immigration Services for Poles Moving Out of the Country

As international immigration lawyers, we can assist your move to the UK and overseas. Our dedicated team can ensure that you get the right representation and submit meticulous paperwork to receive visiting/residency rights.

As far as Brexit is concerned, our affiliation within the UK allows us to receive real-time updates relevant to immigration laws. With our assistance, you can choose a suitable pathway to enter the UK.

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