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We handle everything from cross-border corporate litigations, corporate cases, debt recovery, to international family law cases.

Qualified International Lawyers

Find the best representation for international legal services across the EU, UK & overseas.

AM International Lawyers prides itself as being a boutique international law firm. In the aftermath of Brexit, we hope that our dual headquarters strategically located in Warsaw (EU) and London (UK) will serve as the meeting point between the two regions. We use this position to provide international legal services to elite international clients and Polish clients (in both UK and abroad).

Our team has years of experience in a variety of legal areas. These include civil and commercial litigation, family law, immigration, debt recovery and confiscation, etc. We also cover arbitration and regulatory actions taken across multi-jurisdictions.

Besides providing independent counsel, we collaborate with international authorities (i.e. embassies and other governing organisations). We also undertake cases that revolve around multinational corporations and high profile clients.

We have roped in top-performing international lawyers for your counsel. These experts can manage both multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional cases. They also know how to create effective and personalised strategies that maximise the chances of positive outcomes. Through their experiences, you have a higher chance of winning cross-border cases despite the high-stakes.

Service Areas

We provide an assorted range of specialised legal services to clients with EU and UK associations. That means we can help you extend your business connections, optimise business immigration, and deal with family law and corporate litigation conflicts.

Have a look at our key international services:

International Family Law

International family law revolves around legal family matters where one or both partners resides/works in a foreign state. Other legal factors include offshore assets (i.e. bank accounts and properties), international adoption planning or family connections.

Our international family law advocates are familiar with all types of legal systems (including civil and common law legislations. They understand the implications of family law proceedings that deal with relocations, distribution of international asset, and custodial rights. Thereby, they offer better and more practical insights for cases that come under international family law.

We strive to aim for fair and just decisions when we deal with such cases. Our reliable team always creates strategies to maximise your profits and mitigate any potential risks. It ensures that you receive positive outcomes at the end of the case.

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International Wills and Probate

Our international lawyers have in-depth knowledge about international wills and probates. We also cater to estate management featuring offshore properties (specifically those located in the UK or EU). You can hire our lawyers to supervise legal proceedings regarding international inheritance law. They will analyse and discuss the legal implications of your provisions so that you can make informed decisions.

Additionally, our international legal services also feature representation during lawsuits and inheritance claims made by a third-party.

Know more about our international probate services here.

International Debt Recovery

International debt recovery is a tedious and complex process for creditors who deal with cross-border legislations. A delayed response can affect your business and finances in the long run. It is why we recommend taking an immediate reaction once the debtor fails to pay back his/her loans.

We assist you in recovering outstanding debts and significant assets with our diligent service. With unparalleled knowledge of international debt recovery rules and regulations, we know how to safeguard your rights during these testing times. Our debt recovery services deal with multiple scenarios. The most common amongst them include fraud, money laundering, and criminal cases.

How do we recover debt in the EU?

In the EU, we deal with cross-border claims for debt recovery in a specific manner. The European Small Claims procedure targets debtors who deny debt claims. This procedure applies to debts that cost no more than €5,000.

A higher sum of debt automatically transfers the case to the national court system.

However, if the debtor accepts debt, we take the European Payment Order (EPO) route. According to their guidelines, your claims go uncontested when you submit the official forms. We streamline this process with our expertise and make sure that everything works in your favour after the settlement.

Please note: If you reside in the UK, then you should remember that all debt recovery regulations related to the EPO will not be applicable from 1 January 2021. Our attentive team stays up to date with the current and future implications of debt recovery cases post-Brexit.

Other international legal services include:

  • Extradition and Interpol Red notices
  • Private and Business Immigration
  • Business Defence

English Law

As a dual qualified lawyer, Advocate Anna Matelska expertly tackles the nuances and technicalities associated with international, EU law and domestic law within Poland and the UK. Her expertise and experiences make her a reliable advocate for your international cases.

Our boutique international law practice works closely with international attorneys in the UK. We collaborate with them to work on cross-border cases and other international lawsuits for Pole clients residing in the UK. This association makes it easier for her to provide immediate support, no matter where you are.

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