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Whether you are filing for insolvency or need help with debt collection, we are here to help.
Years of experience and diligence make us one of the best in this law field.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Lawyers

We provide legal guidance during this critical phase of your business/financial journey.

Anna Matelska Law Firm is a boutique international law firm that specialises in the bankruptcy field. We offer a comprehensive range of legal services for Polish (and foreign) debtors and creditors who require help in initiating bankruptcy/insolvency proceedings.

In both cases, we help clients plan their next move when facing bankruptcy/insolvency or have received a notice from their creditors. Our main objective is to make this process easier for them and mitigate long-term risks associated with their decisions. If there is an alternative approach available, we will recommend it to save your assets.

If you are a creditor, we will enable you to pursue your debtor by offering sound legal support. We can also assist you in corresponding with international organisations during cross-border insolvency cases. For matters concerning post-Brexit implications, we can connect you with our contacts in the

Our Process

Our notable insolvency lawyer has a wealth of experience in this field. Previous work includes handling complex cases covered assets that cost millions and managing media scrutiny surrounding high-profile cases. We want to feel at ease while we undertake the legal work to reach desirable outcomes.

Throughout the proceedings, our bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers will carefully evaluate the situation. They will also supervise paperwork and bank statements to optimise the process. The key is to adhere to deadlines, follow-up on court notices, and secure an effective resolution. In the end, we base our solutions on your personal goals and situation rather than conventional techniques.

Our Services:

What We Do

Undoubtedly, we remain with you from the initial stages till the end. It gives us a better chance to overlook proceedings and provide a way for you to recover from this stressful situation. To make this process run smoothly, we cover all the main touchpoints that debtors/creditors go through legal proceedings.

Our legislative solutions also cover alternative routes whenever possible.

Our area of expertise includes:

  • Challenging the legitimacy of a bankruptcy/insolvency petition by finding proof that contradicts the creditors alleged statements. If we are successful, you can recover your assets without any obligations.
  • Negotiation arrangements between debtor(s) and creditor(s) to discuss out-of-court resolution.
  • We supervise company administration handover/receivership to ensure that everything happens in a systematic and law-abiding way.
  • We offer debt collection and recovery services to creditors for cases that cover Polish laws and foreign policies. We can also provide insights and legal representation for cross-border insolvency cases.

In short, hiring our insolvency/bankruptcy lawyers would mean safeguarding your rights and securing your assets (depending on the circumstance).

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