Professional fee

Anna Matelska’s Law Firm provides services based on individual agreements with its clients and offers the following funding systems:

a) Fixed fee – a flat amount charged upfront according to individual agreements with clients,

b) Hourly rates

* The minimum rates are set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of October 22, 2015 regarding the costs incurred by the State Treasury of unpaid assistance provided by an ex officio lawyer (Journal of Laws item 1801) and the Regulation of the Minister of Law of October 22, 2015 on fees for attorney's activities (Journal of Laws, item 1800).

We charge for our services on the basis of agreed hourly rates, which allows a transparent, real and verifiable indication of the time spent by the lawyers working for the client. The hourly rate depends on the matter, the complexity of the problem and the time projected; the expected work and size of the project.

For projects that require specific know-how knowledge and support of cooperating Law Firms and other specialists e.g. highly specialized bank managers, tax specialists or international barristers and other professionals whose professional fees, will be added to our fees after consultation with the client.

Lawyers' fees for conducting the case can be broken down into instalments. In some other justified cases matters, we may also consider postponing the date of payment.

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