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Consult our commercial litigation lawyers to tackle disputes and protect your rights during corporate lawsuits.
Our core capabilities and early intervention can save you millions.

Commercial Litigation & Dispute Services

We help you navigate through the Polish judicial system and cross-border legislation without any trouble.

Whether you operate in Poland or have a multinational corporation, you can face commercial litigations and disputes at least once in your career. We ensure that the legal proceedings end in your favour with our strategic planning and negotiation skills.

EU regulations might also apply during multijurisdictional conflicts. The Polish law also considers it as a virtually different legal matter compared to standard civil law cases. It is why hiring a specialist is more beneficial than selecting with a general lawyer.

As a boutique international law firm, we can align your requirements throughout the case. We also have an extensive network of lawyers, that can share their expertise during cross-border dispute resolutions.

Our lead attorney supervises such cases to ensure that you receive the utmost care and importance. We cover everything from contractual disputes, antitrust litigation, employment disputes to intellectual property disputes.

Furthermore, we provide practical and actionable advice on how to deal with corporate disputes concerning Brexit. This unique service is valuable for Pole business owners who have UK-based partners.

Personalised Commercial Litigation and Dispute Solutions

Whether you file a claim against your corporate partner or need a defence lawyer to tackle wrongful allegations, we are at your service. Choose us to retain profits and mitigate risks.

Our firm accommodates clients from all sectors and industries. These include entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, independent traders, public sectors and family businesses, and NGOs too. No matter who you are and where you come from, our legal support will always be there to guide you along the way.

Our leading team of commercial litigation lawyers use calculative strategies and evidence-based arguments to present your side of the story. Their efforts and care secure your best interests and prioritise business goals.

We collect evidence against the opposing party to build fact-based and constructive dialogues for the hearing. Also, we provide legal counsel for individuals and business that appreciate this perspective. Our only request for you is to ensure that you ask for help early on during the case. It ensures that you are ready to face the courts and administrative authorities during legal proceedings.

Moreover, we advise clients to choose alternative out-of-court settlements depending on their circumstances. We play the role of a practical and sound advisor during these meetings, to ensure that you walk out with a better deal.

Overview of Commercial Litigation and Dispute Services

We pride ourselves in creating a comprehensive range of services that handle all types of commercial litigation and dispute cases.

Here is a rundown of everything we offer:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – Mediation Arbitration Negotiation

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an alternative for traditional court settlements. Your commercial litigation lawyer will take this out-of-court route whenever it is more feasible. The key benefits of these proceedings are its time-efficiency and negotiation choices. Main types of ADR include:

Contract Insolvency and Liquidation

Insolvency disputes and liquidation occur when one partner owes money that was taken as a loan from their associates. We evaluate the situation before outlining the best way to approach this situation. Most of the time, you have only two options in front of you.

You can either choose insolvency and sell off your assets to return the outstanding debt. Or, you can close your business by opting for the liquidation route. We prefer to use liquidation when no other option is available. That is because the chances of recovery are low compared to other alternatives.

Shareholders and Partnership Disputes

Shareholder and partnership disputes occur if one of the parties suspects foul play. There are several factors that cause this problem. The most common ones include conflict of interest, misguided use of company funds and a breach from the contract. An unauthorized shift in business plans and corporate strategies are other reasons for corporate disputes.

The Polish law allows minority parties/primary stakeholders to file a claim against their partner if these instances are repeated despite warnings from their end. It is especially essential for instances where there is a direct breach of contract.

With our legal assistance, you can file the complaint or defend it with proper evidence. We do this to verify the wrongdoings, in case your opposition misrepresents facts. You also have a higher chance of winning the settlement when you build a stronger case to support your actions.


Everything from corporate fraud, breach of contract, and minor contractual issues fall under the category of corporate disputes. You can seek consultation from our experienced lawyers to handle the situation discreetly.

We begin by running a careful assessment of the situation. Then use investigative research, collection of tangible evidence to create argumentative statements. Our systematic approach makes it possible for us to form a concrete plan to protect your rights. These disputes are resolved through trial or ADR depending on feasibility, convenience, and profitable gains.


Injunctions are official warnings sent by the court to withhold actions and unjustified operations. Associates generally request injunctions when their partner does something to jeopardise their reputation or status. Misdemeanours include corporate slander, sale of assets and other harmful actions that put the individual at a disadvantage.

The official intervention ensures that both parties collaborate on an equal level. Associates also use it as a sign to tell partners to stop before they file a lawsuit. Our commercial litigation lawyers handle injunctions by carefully assessing the situation. That way, you can leverage their legal advice to protect your rights.

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