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Our extradition lawyers have the experience and skills to challenge extradition lawsuits and erase Interpol Red notices.
We also provide legal services to Poles living in the UK if they ever deal with extradition charges.
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Extradition Law in Poland

An overview of the Poland extradition code.

Polish law authorises extradition requests made by a foreign state or international judicial system depending on its relation with the state. That means extradition is only possible if Poland has previously approved or signed a treaty regarding the extradition of Polish citizens.

Most of these agreements state that extradition of the alleged criminal is only possible to seek extradition of the requested person

  1. Accusation matters in respect of alleged crimes where the sentence exceed 12 months custody
  2. Conviction matters in respect of crimes where the sentence would exceed 4 months imprisonment

Additionally extradition is possible when:

  • The crime was committed outside the Polish jurisdiction/out of state.
  • Alleged offences were punishable according to Polish law (both at the time it was committed and when the extradition notice was sent.
  • Serious crimes (i.e. homicide, rape, or trafficking) and money crimes are on top of the list of punishable offences.

If the situation does not fit the rules, Poland will not surrender the person of interest.

The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) covers treaties and agreements shared between EU states including Poland and the UK.

It is important to remember that special provisions are in respect of the Polish nationals.

What Should You Hire Us?

Hiring Extradition Lawyers

Our boutique international law firm specialises in extradition lawyer’s services to Poles living in Poland and The UK. We use our extensive experience within the field to simplify the process for you and your family. This, in turn, increases the chances of receiving a bail or reduced detention.

In the past, we represented clients from both EU and non-EU countries. These include extradition orders sent from the UK, Romania, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Latvia, Russia, Albania, United States and many other countries. Our course of action depends on the treaty signed between Poland and the state in question. Also, our affiliations with high performing lawyers, international organisations, embassies, NGOs and more help us cover all aspects of the case wisely.

Besides, we also navigate through challenges and rejected appeal by using our strong research skills and collaborations with other associations. These perks allow us to select alternative routes for extradition proceedings. Our main goal throughout this process is to reach the desired outcome while simultaneously ensuring that your details don’t end up on the Interpol database.

Our Approach

We leave no stone unturned to fight for your rights.
Here is an overview of the primary arguments for extradition:
European Arrest Warrant (EAW) Challenges
Our extradition lawyers can help you challenge the EAW by finding a loophole in the clause or a legitimate argument. Our main goal is to prove the client’s innocence or at least reduce their punishment. Key statements are based on negligence, the validity of the statute of limitation, failed dual criminality test, etc.
Human Rights Challenges

We have a dedicated team on board that contacts key witnesses (i.e. psychologists, doctors, or correctional officers) who might testify for us—presenting evidence that depicts human right violations.

For instance, they can provide proof of inhuman conditions in foreign prisons. These might include such as unhygienic facilities, virus outbreak, torture as a form of punishment, etc. Other concerns include mistrial or unwarranted treatment base on ethnicity, improper legislation system, etc.

The main idea is to withhold extradition procedures by proving how it violates direct human right laws. If all goes well, the trial could result in a bail.

Political Motives
As international extradition lawyers, we are up to date with political unrest and state of the judicial system worldwide. We leverage this information to create a strong defense argument against the extradition order. The main claims highlight a conflict of interest on the other government’s behalf or biased allegations.

Handling Interpol Red Notices

Our extradition lawyers are well aware of the legal and social implication concerning Interpol Red Notices. We use an aggressive and resilient approach to address these announcements and prevent them from being spread across government and media channels.]

Main objective here to file petitions or opt for negotiations with the case officer. The result of these discussions is the eradication of our client’s name, photograph, and contact details from a ‘person of interest’ list.

That way, your permanent record will not show any signs of past offences (depending on the circumstances).

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